Generalists rather than generals

We only take orders from one: you.
Our 20-people strong team is built around flat structures, coupled with a healthy dose of motivation, curiosity and team spirit.

We love our daily business, but also the most difficult challenges and always find the best solution to a problem.

Our Team

Managing Director
Sebastian Lahrkamp
Rainer Bischof
Sales & Project Management
Marc Bothe
Jens Brannekemper
David Gastorf
Support & Application Development
Thomas Sarau
Konstantin Laskovenko
Georg Kröner
Mark Kaspar
Jakub Piorecki
Patrick Hall
Chris Walkowiak
Jonas Gerke
Adrian Schraeder
Roland Jahnke
Leandra Goede
Ahmed Alhamed
Matthias Müller
Marco Puzio
Fabian Hall